Music: Sabrina Claudio | Confidently Lost

I never really realized how clutch apple music was and the discover or new and old music that takes me way back. I came across this beauty, Sabrina Claudio and I fell in love with her EP instantly. Her EP was just released this Sunday and it was featured in Apple's A-List new artist playlist that they update every Sunday. Her music is soulful and definitely speaks to me on so many levels that I could imagine and never thought anyone else felt the same way.

Happy Listening and I hope enjoy her EP as much as I do.

Hello February | Mind, Body, & Soul Goals

The first month of the year down, and we have 11 more to go. Just know it's never to late start on those goals. I've been in a very good mood lately and just been taking things one day at a time and not to stress the small stuff. Change is going to come rather you like it or not and that's what I'm learning.

Woman's Day March

Everything just seemed to fall together when me and two of my friends planned a very last minute trip to Washington, DC of the Woman's Day March and let me say it was the best move ever made to kick off 2017. To be around so many powerful women and men who all feel the same way about Trump and his crazy antics he is causing between the U.S and the rest of the world. Just sharing a couple of my favorites from the trip and once again DC is a place I have to explore more when I visit again.

Home Decor Inspiration

Everything will happen in due time but it never hurt anyone to plan ahead right? lol. So yea I currently still stay at home. Something I hate to share with other people because I feel that I should have been out and about on my own.... but that story is for a later blog post. 

Bucket List 2017

This year I have a lot to lose and gain. I feel like I've spent this past months planning for something that's going to happen and I have no idea what it is yet but you just always want to be ready right?

I was told anything that you want to make happen is literally up to you on how you make the most of it, so let's make the most of it! I have little bucket list...... some goals I feel that I can achieve easily and some will come with a challenge but that's the whole point. Traveling is something big that I want to do for 2017 even if it is exploring within the United States and working my way up to going internationally but what I have to overcome is the idea that I may have to explore by myself.... silly right? They say best experiences are when you do travel by yourself and I plan to test those waters.